Thank you and Congratulations on your purchase of a GCBC Bike, we hope you enjoy many happy riding adventures!


Your new Bike is covered by 12 Months Warranty, (if you do not get your bike assembled by a qualified bicycle mechanic or experienced bike shop mechanic your warranty will be void. Please see our website warranty page for terms and conditions.


Things you need to know…


*We recommend all Bikes are assembled or checked over for safety by a suitably   experienced or qualified Bicycle Mechanic, failure to do so could result in Failure or accidents resulting in damage and personal injury which Gold Coast Beach Cruisers will not be liable for. By assembling your bicycle yourself you are assuming all liability in regards to any damage or injuries incurred.


Assembly Instructions….


  1.    Unpack your bike removing all plastic and cardboard packaging.
  2.    Grease the seat tube and head tube
  3.    Fit the seat post to the seat and tighten seat knuckle nuts evenly and firmly (make sure you do this before putting the seat post in the seat tube otherwise good luck trying to get it out again when it drops in!)
  4.     Insert seat post into seat tube, adjust quick release until it closes firmly to grip the seat post tightly (snap close the QR – if you are unsure how to do this I would suggest at this early stage to phone someone suitably experienced or qualified to assemble your bike J)
  5.     Pump your tyres up! Always best to do this before any direct pressure is on the wheels. 50-60psi for vintage bikes, 40-45psi for beach cruisers – your max pressure will be written on the sidewall of the tyres.
  6.      Grease the pedal threads, the pedals are marked with an R or L, R = chain side of the bike, and insert by winding towards the front of the bike on both sides as the left hand pedal has a left hand thread. Be very careful not to cross-thread as this will not be covered by warranty.  Tighten very firmly using a 15mm spanner.
  7.     Insert your handle bar stem into the head tube, the allen head bolt in the stem may need to be loosened slightly to allow the wedge to fit in the head tube. Once lined up correctly at the desired height, tighten the allen head bolt (final adjustment can be done later) but make sure the forks are facing forward (fork rake to the front) in correct fashion.
  8.     Remove the allen bolt from the rear of the front brake caliper and fit the front mudguard mount between the two washers on the front side of the forks. Tighten allen bolt but just pinch tight for now. Mount the mudguard stays to the bottom of the fork via the bolts.
  9.     Time to fit the front wheel, insert so that the v in the tyre pattern (if there is one) is pointing forward. The safety dropout washers fit on the out side of the forks into the slots and the wheel nuts are tightened making sure the wheel is centered in the forks. Once your front wheel is fitted loosen the front brake bolt and push the guard up to the correct position (so giving the front tyre adequate clearance) and tighten firmly.

10.Your Gears and brakes now need to be adjusted correctly by someone who knows what they are doing!

11.Fit the rear rack – four bolts, top ones first while the bike is on the ground is easiest. Attach rear reflector to the rack.

12.Fit your bell to the left hand side of the bars.

13.Adjust your brake lever angle to a comfortable riding position, usually pointing down slightly about 20-30 degrees.

14.Double check your handle bar height and angle, also your saddle angel and height, making sure all nuts and bolts are firmly secured. Do not over-tighten tho or stripping may occur.

15.Make sure you check all nuts and bolts including crank nuts and rear wheel nuts to ensure your bike is safe to ride.

16.Use the straps to fit your basket, a zip tie under each strap is a good idea to use for a firmer fit and to stop an opportunist basket thief.

17.Go for a slow ride to check everything is tight and working correctly, check over again and your good to go!

18.Happy Riding!

19.Don’t forget to wear a Aus Standards approved Helmet!

nb Videos to come...there is some really good youtube bicycle assembly videos for similar bikes if you need visual help..but if you do i would advise getting someone with Bicycle assembly skills to build it for you!